Warehouse for Storage, Consolidation, and Delivery

1 October 16, 2018 0 Comments

In-house warehousing to take stock of incoming and outgoing goods and cargo can be quite expensive and difficult to maintain, and especially so in a land-constrained country such as Singapore where in-house warehousing is at a premium.

The challenge with in-house warehousing also comes later on. Not only will you need a dedicated storage area, but you will also need a dedicated team to take stock of all kinds of goods and shipments, which can take valuable resources away from starting companies.

But with FreightMaster, moving and storing cargo becomes faster, easier, and more affordable, and comes with all kinds of benefits to improve your customer experience.

Regular Consolidation of Cargo

Cargo consolidation is a crucial service needed by both local and overseas companies for the safe storage and delivery of their goods.

FreightMaster’s efficient cargo consolidation process allow for streamlined distribution and transportation using highly-automated systems, so cargo can arrive at their destinations faster and more smoothly with little to no setbacks.

Household Removal and Door-to-Door Services

For many start-ups, company mobility is valuable because of the relative instability that comes with growth. As a result, office space and storage can be crucial factors in future projections. Regularly moving goods and inventory around as you change offices can be a hassle, but with FreightMaster helping you out, you have the help of solid logistics and automated systems to make cargo transfers and deliveries from door to door as easy as possible.

Warehousing, Storage, and Relocation

Whether it’s long-term or short-term cargo and goods storage, your goods are handled by experts with the latest equipment and technology that lets you take stock and transfer goods and shipments more easily anywhere in Singapore.

FreightMaster’s warehousing systems also include a fully-integrated software suite and an extremely user-friendly interface that can be personalized to meet the needs of different clients, as well as a wide array of services you can avail on an as-needed basis for competitive rates.


Multimodal Transportation Options

When it comes to cargo delivery and storage, FreightMaster flexibility is highly important, and employs the use of multimodal transport to open up the use of all kinds of vehicles to transport goods, such as ships, planes, and even trucks. The inherent advantages that multimodal transportation offers allow for shipments to arrive at your desired destinations as quickly and efficiently as possible.